Pastor's Corner


Is there a GIANT in your life that seems to be getting all of your focus and attention? It’s important to understand that God’s perspective is not ours.  What we see as a problem in God’s eyes is an elevation opportunity for you.  Example is a shepherd boy named David who God had anointed to be King of Israel by the Prophet Samuel.  The Giant Goliath, although seeming to be a problem for the children of Israel was in God’s perspective another step in getting David to the palace and in his destiny of King of Israel.  Remember God sees the end from the beginning in your life.  Whatever it is you are facing today, remember it will turn out for your good if you continue in obedience to the voice of God.  That GIANT you think might kill you will actually elevate you to a brand new level when you stand on his dead carcass holding his head in your hand!!  Don’t let it be a distraction and continue to listen and obey God’s voice!!!

Pastor Kelly

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